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Social Security

Pensions / OABs

The social security system offers pension to a number of formal sector workers. Public sector workers are provided with civil service pensions whereas private sector workers receive pensions from Employees.

Minimum Wages

Government of the Punjab, like Federal and other provincial governments, set minimum wage level below which it is illegal for the employer to pay its employees. Minimum wages in Punjab is regulated through The Minimum Wages Ordinance, 1961 (adapted in Punjab by 2012 Amendment Act).

Social Insurance

Social insurance has also been defined as a program whose risks are transferred to and pooled by an often government organisation legally required to provide certain benefits.

income assistance

With about a million new workers entering the labour market in Punjab every year, the provincial government wants to turn this demographic transition into a dividend.

All public and private initiatives that provide income or consumption transfers to the poor, protect the vulnerable against livelihood risks.

Promoting citizen’s self-sufficiency through income generating activities and graduation from poverty and social assistance.

Social Services
Khidmat Card
khidmat card
Dignified Payments;
ATM Card with branchless
banking / mobile phone withdrawals