Graduation Programs

As per its mandate, the Authority is designing programs, formulating policies, suggesting interventions and guiding Government departments and agencies for safeguarding the rights of the poor and the vulnerable, besides ensuring equitable allocation of resources. For the said purpose, PSPA has designed two graduation schemes that serve as "exist strategy" of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) from unconditional cash transfer support.

Among the beneficiaries of Khidmat card program, those who are incapacitated to take up work on account of their serious disability, illness or age are given long-term unconditional assistance. However, for the remaining ‘employable’ people, it will be compulsory to enroll on a skill-building or livelihood program offered to them by PSPA within a certain period of their enrollment. Those who refuse to avail these self-reliance programs are  suspended from Khidmat Card Scheme after the expiry of that period. However, for those who enroll on a skill-building, internship or interest-free microfinance program, the Khidmat Card cash support continues as long as they keep progressing on the roadmap towards self-reliance.